Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blonde with Courage

So what single, red blooded man wouldn’t stop and pay attention to an attractive, smartly dressed blonde women standing on a street corner with a sign during rush hour in downtown Houston? I certainly wouldn’t, and in fact didn’t. As fate would have it, I met a talented and charming women that way who has recently become unemployed.

To Cheryl Wasek, an Executive Assistant laid off in January 2009, the idea to stand on the corner with a sign and look for work as a supplement to using online job board was driven by her observation of homeless people and thought “I’m going to get a sign and get a job!” Little did she realize that people would stop, inquire, and help her out.

My initial reaction when I saw her standing on the corner was “Wow, that takes a lot of courage!” It did as it was chilly and windy this morning in downtown Houston. The fact that she got up, got dressed, stood on a corner and literally froze to death tells me there is something unique about her drive and determination to be successful.

Through this albeit unconventional approach to finding a job, she has realized that in today’s job market it takes more than just sending out random emails via the job boards to get a job. You must truly differentiate yourself from others, be driven, but most importantly not give up.

I had a second opportunity to visit with Cheryl this afternoon and while I can’t profess to have known her since kindergarten, I will share that she is a smart, level headed women with an incredible sense of responsibility and transparency. If I was a hiring Manager today I would tell you that she nailed the initial interview.

My twenty years experience in business tells me Cheryl will make any organization look good. She thrives on hard work, being a team player and most of all be a good company steward.

Get the rest of the story and qualifications from her, you’ll be glad you did. Her email address is Cheryl.wasek@att.net.

What began as a chance encounter and five minute conversation with a random women has resulted in a pleasant reminder for me. That reminder is that no matter how busy our lives become, we always have time to help someone. For that we all become better versions of ourselves and maybe, make a new friend.
Pray for Cheryl please.

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