Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Givor

Yep, it's been a while since I posted something. It's been a bit chaotic in the prayermans life over the past couple of months. But the good news is....after one year of being unemployed I have...wait for it...found a job! Woohoo!

Good things all seem to happen at the same time, as do the bad things. How we cope with all of that is pretty much an individual thing.

Long story short, things are going well, better than I could have expected. Anyway, I digress.

I'm headed to spend a week with my parents Tuesday. I'll get to play golf with my Dad which is always fun. As part of the golfing experience, all bets must be placed in advance, and the requisite smack talking must begin and end prior to stepping onto the first tee.

I had a funny email conversation with my Dad (who is a 22 handicap for the golfers out there)which is below:
I wrote:
How many shots are you going to give me? Based on the slope and my current handicap index which is 6 I was going to propose you give me three shots a side if we play from the white tees, four shots from the blue, or we can just play a straight up match from the ladies tees, what ever you prefer. :)

My Dad responded with:
I think you have the "givor" and the"givee" reversed.

I responded with:
according to the usga handicap guidelines they consider the benefit of local knowledge, therefore you shall be the givor.

My Dad responded with:
Don't beg.

What's funny about this, is that my Mom and Dad have always been the "Givor." I could write volumes about what they have done for me over my entire life.

I am truly blessed by these incredible people.

Sometimes when we are mired down in our own drama, we forget the many good things we have going on around us. Sometimes we forget or don't have the ability to stop, get in a different environment, and focus on what's good vs. what's not good. Sometimes we are afraid to ask for help. Sometimes, that request for help is a small amount of assistance from the "Givor."

My parents are an incredible blessing.

God Bless my parents as they are among the most amazing people in the universe.



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