Wednesday, July 8, 2009

God resides in Vermont

I had an amazing time in Vermont. It's as a close a place as I've been to Heaven so have to think that God probably lives, or at least has a vacation home, somewhere between Warren and Montpelier.

The best thing about Vermont is the people. From Arne, the local Maple Syrup source, to the waitress at a local eatery, "Vermont Hospitality" is served up in almost a spiritual way.

Despite the somewhat odd lifestyle that exists among Vermont residents, it's a place where people seem to be very accepting of each other, and their views. It's as laid back and liberal as they come, but nonetheless a place where everyone is accepted.

So if I happened to cross your path during my trip, thank you for the Vermont Hospitality and reminder that there is a calm place somewhere in this world among all of the other chaos.



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