Thursday, July 1, 2010

Two steps forward?

"The Lord works in mysterious ways," My Mother ( or maybe my Father) tells me this occasionally.

First, let me apologize for being remiss in posting an update to my trip to West Texas. And the video blogging of random acts of kindness didn't turn out the way I wanted it to, but nonetheless, I did three videos.

I've recently landed in Austin. Basically with a truckload of tools and lawn equipment. No place to live, and no job. Fortunately I was blessed to be able to stay with my brother and work on his house while I got my feet on the ground.

In the past month I've gotten an apartment, found a job (THAT ROCKS!), and made some new friends.

One friend in particular is quite amazing. She's full of great ideas and thoughts....and has no reservations about calling me out with her New York accent. I keep expecting her to call me out by beginning the sentence with "Yo", but she hasn't done it yet.

Also, both of my kids are here with me temporarily. As a result I'm looking for activities for them, and a church. I've found them activities, and found a church. Yeah!

Life deals us set backs from time to time, people do mean things, but that can't stop us from taking two steps forward.

Be blessed,


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