Sunday, September 12, 2010

Your time to go?

I was touched by a recent Channel 8 News story of a women here in Austin that survived her car being swept into a creek during the rains of tropical storm Hermine.

Her comment "I wasn't ready to go" in the video below reminded me of a conversation I had with a young girl several years ago.

Out of the blue the little girl asked me

"What's heaven?"

Me: It's the place you go when you die.

Girl: Why do people die?

Me: Because God needs them to help him.

Girl: What kind of work do you do in heaven?

Me: Well, you become an Angel and come back to earth and do more nice things for people.

Girl: So if I am always doing nice things for people I won't die?

Me: Well, not exactly sometimes God needs people to help him so they go to heaven before we want them to.

Essentially what Carries story reminds me of is this. Our work here isn't over. There are things to do, people to take care of, and causes to help.

So let's all keep doing th good work, there's lot's to do!



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