Thursday, February 12, 2009

God turned on my check engine light!

Doesn't it make you crazy when you're driving down the road and your check engine light goes on? You experience that initial moment of panic, then think "Ah, it's probably nothing major" then continue down the road.

A few weeks ago I learned that should your check engine light come on, all you have to do is pull into an Autozone, and they will diagnose the problem...for free! How cool is that!?!?!

So yesterday I'm driving home and my check engine light goes on! Not more than a block from where I was I passed an Autozone...weird huh! I turned into the parking lot, went into the store and asked if they would see why my check engine light came on. Turns out it was one of those pesky oxygen sensors.

As the technician was hooking up to my car whatever they call that thing they use, I noticed he had a tattoo on the back of his left wrist of a cross and inscription that read "God Forgives."

I asked him about the tattoo and he told me that he was an Army sniper in Iraq in 2006-2007. He got the tattoo wrist so that whenever he aimed his gun, he would remember that God would forgive him.

As we talked a little more, he showed me the prayer card he carries in his wallet with a picture of the Virgin Mary, and the Rosary beads he carries in his pocket.

I was truly blessed to have met this man, and had the opportunity to hear his story.

God puts in the places we need to be when we least expect it, and allows us to cross paths with people that enrich our lives. It's funny how God uses these little experiences to help us grow and become better versions of ourselves. Why else would my check engine light have come on... and there was an Autozone right there...and the person that checked my car out was a Christian? Kinda makes ya wonder don't it?

Lord thank you for all of the good people that have surrounded me, crossed my path and blessed my life. Thank you for the good experiences, as well as the bad. Thank you for giving all of us the opportunity to connect with you and grow. May we all learn to follow and be close to you.




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