Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Making it right with God

I seem to get a good response to my blog posts, so thought I'd make these a bit more regular. Hopefully they will help someone figure something out.

This morning I have been thinking about a situation I was in several years ago.

I met and fell in love with a women that accepted me for what I was at that point in time. A broke, well intended soul with a good heart and a ton of potential. This women deserves a lot of credit for the success I enjoyed in my previous career. Without her support, education, encouragement and handholding, I don't know that I could have gotten where I did.

After two and a half years, the relationship ended. And I must say, the end wasn't pretty.

I felt bad for the things I had said and done for a very long time. I talked to God about it, sent her emails, cards, and called but she would not respond. All I wanted to say was that I was sorry, and I wished her the best of luck.

About eighteen months after the break up, I called a Pastor I knew to ask him how to make what I had done right with God. I explained to him that I had tried to contact her, asked God for direction, but until I heard something from her, didn't think I was right with God with the whole situation.

His comment was "God knows what's in your heart, and what you've done. God has forgiven you even though she might not have. If you have tried to make amends and she won't respond, you are right with God." That made sense to me and gave me closure.

I still pray for her as well as many other people everyday. As it turns out, she is now married and by all accounts very happy.

Gods' grace works in amazing ways. I thank God for her happiness and my peace.

Pastors are a great resource for help with issues like this. I hope that everyone has a Pastor somewhere they can talk to.

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  1. I too worry about the wrongs I have done to others and how they view me now. Your post has made me feel better, knowing God is okay with me. It is so nice to know He knows me inside and out and knows what is in my heart.

  2. I do believe that God knows us "inside and out" as well as what is in our heart.

    Talking to a Pastor or Counselor about things like this would be my recommendation for anyone.

    Hopefully everyone knows that I am neither of the aforementioned professionals. I'm just a regular guy trying to get through the day like everyone else.