Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The why, the who, and the what

So here's the story....

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving 2008 my Mother collapsed.

Upon finding out, I immediately called a couple of my closest friends and asked them to pray for her which they did. Beyond that, I sent several requests (actually many) to the prayer lines at the local churches, even called KSBJ and a couple of other places and got no answer. I'm one of those that believes if I scream loud enough, and frequent enough...God will here me. :)

When I've had situations in the past that required prayer, I've gone through the same motions. Ask friends, email churches...etc. I can't honestly tell you that I have ever had a church reach out to me and acknowledge my prayer request. It's like they just go into some random inbox somewhere and don't get answered. I can't even begin to tell you how dejected I felt to not even have my own church (which is large) acknowledge my prayer request.

That being the case, I didn't want anyone else ever to not have someone they ask for a prayer and not get a response.

There are some prayer sites (prayerloop, kindlejoy, etc) that take masses of prayer requests but have no mechanism for responding to them. What I wanted to do on twitter was be available to pray for people if they needed it, and respond to those who ask for a prayer request through something like

Simple as that....I just want to pray for people. Anyway....that's the idea.

I also wanted to do it with out any pretense.

I have NO theological training. Well, with the exception on being an Acolyte when I was a kid.

It's been an interesting experience that I intend to keep up. It's amazing the number of people out there with sick kids, family or friends as well as those that are about to loose a home or already have that just want someone to pray for them. The responses I get literally bring tears to my eyes. It's all very touching, and quite fulfilling.

So....that's the story! Peace


  1. Prayer is in season every day, all day. Pray without ceasing, prayerman!

    Thank you

  2. I feel what you are doing is really great! Read your blog post and it really related to one of my friend story.

    Keep up the good faith and do it in HIS NAME.

  3. You are a great blessing. I particularly appreciate how you reached out to me today and offered prayer when I didn't even ask for it. Thank you so much....your ministry is needed. Also...DM me on twitter or contact me on my site when you need intercession!!! I'm happy to pray for you!

  4. Thank you so much to everyone for the support and comments. I love doing this! I could spend every waking moment praying for people, unfortunately have to find a real job!