Monday, January 19, 2009

Hold on!

I found this video on youtube. It's got a great message in it for all of us!

....pray on just a little while longer cause everythings gonna be alright!


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  1. There is great hope that is focused on Obama, a hope that he alone can not fulfill. In 1968 with the death of Martin and Bobby, a part of the United States died. I feel that the Hope defered, has become real again. It is a secular hope, but based in the eternal hope of Love. Love as taught by Jesus, and echoed by Paul.

    It was pointed out at the Mall that reaches out before the Lincoln Memorial that our faith can nor be in One Man, but that is in our hands, our hearts, our faith, that on earth His will is done. Obama says this election, this inauguration, is not about him, it is about us. It is not "Yes He Can" it is "Yes WE Can".

    Thanks for this post.