Friday, January 30, 2009

Pray for Pinky

I've been remiss in writing my blogs lately but hopefully everyone will understand that I have been consumed with a new job that I really dig! I think that maybe God hasn't inspired me to write anything because I needed something that inspired me to share. Maybe not.

I've been working on houses in Houston doing various things. For a guy that's always driven a desk, driving my truck around town with my lawn mower in the back is somewhat liberating. It's fun to be outside, and feels great to come home and know that I have done an honest days work, and earned an honest days pay.

Anyway, I digress.

Today I took on a last minute assignment to do the yard on a house in one of the more depressed neighborhoods. I would imagine that many people would be afraid to go to this part of town but because I believe God will protect me, I had no second thoughts about going there.

As I cut the grass a women named "Pinky" came up and asked me if she could help me. I said "Sure" and she asked me how much I would pay her. I told her if she would mow the back yard I would pay her $10.00. After a brief discussion she told me that she was homeless and did drugs. I asked her to promise me that if I gave her $10.00 she would not spend it on drugs. She promised.

As we stood by my car, she told me a bit about her story. It was sad to say the least.

I got her set up to mow the back yard, and she did a great job! I was really impressed!

As we stood by my truck and I gave her the money, I asked her if she believed in God. She told me she did and asked why I wanted to know.

I told her that I wanted to pray for her. That she would find her way off drugs, and off the street. She was touched that I offer to pray for her.

This women really touched me. She worked hard, was kind, friendly, and wanted to have a better life. I wish I could do all of that for her.

I feel very fortunate to be connected to God. I hope that all of the blessings I have enjoyed, can be shared through God with Pinky. Meeting people like her make me remember how fortunate I have to have a family that loves me, friends who care about me, and that God is watching over me. God has touched me, you, and those around us. Hopefully we can all pass this along to those less fortunate than our self.

Heavenly Father, bless Pinky with strength, direction, and your touch. She is a kind soul to whom I will be eternally grateful for the reminder of how fortunate some of us are.



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